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Biometrics for Mobile Applications Working Group (MAWG)


Recent technological advancements, in particular associated to the widespread use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs are opening a new era towards the digitalization of our society.

Within this context, mobile devices are not just representing a pervasively available access to information, moreover completely new categories of applications, services and communication methods are rapidly emerging and thus changing the ways people are interacting – professionally as well as personally.

Main topics associated to this development towards a digital society are e.g. mobility, flexibility and connectivity. The widespread use of arising mobile applications like mobile messaging, mobile banking, mobile payment, and ticketing and access control will foster mobile devices to become the main digital identifiers of persons. In order to assure that this development happens in a trustworthy and beneficial manner, new approaches and new technologies for authentication, IT security and data protection are inherently required.

Furthermore, a secure use of mobile devices can also revolutionize large areas of governmental services. Especially w.r.t. border control, law enforcement and for emergency response, the increasing use of smartphones or other types of mobile communication devices can be seen as a forerunner for the new breed of interaction that spans the physical and the digital world. Technological developments will certainly help facing upcoming challenges like increasing travelers, illegal migration, crime, terrorism threat and the enhancement of mobile capabilities. However, the design of such technologies has to follow an inherent code of conduct, in order to render them acceptable and trustworthy.

Biometric verification and identification methods can be a supporting factor in every field of application that requires assured identities. Thus, biometrics for mobile applications will also play an important role to the security of each individual in a fast changing society.

Mission and Objectives

The mission of the WG is to discuss and evaluate the current and future role of biometrics within different mobile application scenarios in the European Union. In this context, it is also necessary to evaluate the varying biometric technologies that are usable for such types of applications. Furthermore, the working group shall identify the main obstacles which have to be faced when using biometrics while maximizing the benefit for the individual and EU citizens as well.

This mission shall be reached by the following objectives:

  • Bringing together relevant stakeholders in the area of biometrics and mobile applications
  • Exchanging information and gathering knowledge and insights by organizing meetings, conference calls and e-mail exchange
  • Establishing a common view on the appropriate use of biometrics for mobile applications by the relevant members of the community

Output and results

The goals and objectives of the WG will be achieved through:

  • Having physical meetings such as workshops and e-mail discussions
  • The production and publication of white papers addressing above mentioned mission and objectives.

The WG will target its activities among others on the following topics:

  • Identifying advancements of mobile biometrics for law enforcement
  • Identifying advancements of mobile biometrics for EU border control
  • Identifying fields of application of mobile biometrics for emergency responders
  • Identifying fields of application of mobile biometrics within the Internet-of-Things and –Services
  • Assessing security and usability of biometrics for mobile applications main in banking, financial services and micro payments scenarios
  • Proposing a draft framework for a biometric identity-verification eco-system for mobile applications and environments

Work plan

April 2013
Approval of the Charter by the EAB Board
June 2013
First conference call of the WG
September 2013
First meeting of the WG to make further planning
April 2014
First draft of the white paper
September 2014
Final version of the White Paper

Work tools

  • If you want to make use of our work tools please register.

Governance of the MAWG

  • All EAB members are invited to participate.
  • WG members are expected to actively contribute to the ongoing work of the WG.
  • Observers can be invited, upon approval of all members of the WG and the management board of the EAB.
  • Observers may be excluded from the exchange of information that is generated by the WG.
  • The WG Biometrics for Mobile Applications intends to finalize its mission within 16 months after the approval of its charter by the management board.

Chair of the MAWG:

Further information

For further information you can contact:
Email: mawg-chair@eab.org

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