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Name 4DVideo: 4D spatio-temporal modelling of real-world events from video streams
Acronym 4DVIDEO
Area ERC-SG-PE5 Information and communication: informatics and information systems, computer science, sc
Start Date2008-08-01
Duration 60 months
Status Execution
DescriptionThe focus of this project is the development of algorithms that allow one to capture and analyse dynamic events taking place in the real world. For this, we intend to develop smart camera networks that can perform a multitude of observation tasks, ranging from surveillance and tracking to high-fidelity, immersive reconstructions of important dynamic events (i.e. 4D videos).
There are many fundamental questions in computer vision associated with these problems. Can the geometric, topologic and photometric properties of the camera network be obtained from live images? What is changing about the environment in which the network is embedded? How much information can be obtained from dynamic events that are observed by the network? What if the camera network consists of a random collection of sensors that happened to observe a particular event (think hand-held cell phone cameras)? Do we need synchronization?
ContactCHEN, Peter (Professor) ( Contact )
Tel / Fax +41-446327705 / +41-446321893

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