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Name Electronic library image service for Europe
Acronym ELISE
Start Date1993-02-01
Duration24 months
The project modelled a system which provides access to full colour image information banks (slides of museum exhibits and illustrated manuscripts and cartographic material from the Brabant area) held in two libraries in two Member States, through the:

- design and establishment of a bank of full colour images and associated text for real-time remote access in the participating libraries;
- modelling of interconnection between participating image banks using international networks;
- demonstration of the pilot and communications model.

The project investigated: the technical requirements of establishing full colour image banks in libraries; the associated storage and retrieval mechanisms; client needs and design interfaces; and the technical requirements for international interconnection of image-bank systems.

Impact and results:

The setting up of two image banks (at the Victoria & Albert museum with 3,000 slides of exhibits and at Tilburg University Library with 10,000 images of illustrated manuscripts and cartographic materials), remotely and instantly available to the prototype system, opens up new potential in the libraries sector for on-line, high speed access to images across Europe and develops awareness of image products among users, thus stimulating the market.

Among the key results are: a detailed specification of library requirements; definition of relevant, applicable technical standards; specification of retrieval database; the demonstration prototype which will be exploited for commercial use by the partners and incorporated into product development planning.


A working system was available early within the project and has been fine tuned throughout it, resulting in excellent performance in accessing images from the created databanks.

Some design specifications and project documents are restricted issue, but publications cover:

Image base and textual requirements specifications;
Formal project standards;
Performance standards and measurement criteria;
GUI user requirements, product reviews and workstation software;
Windows test criteria;
Pilot performance.
CoordinatorDe Montfort University
Tel / Fax +44-533-577039 / +44-533-577170
partnersIBM UK Lt
Victoria and Albert Museu
Tilburg University Library

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