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Biometrics, enabling automated recognition of citizens, consumers and employees, is of increasing importance to the economic and social welfare of people. Indeed, biometric identity recognition can provide simpler access to information, more personalised services and more efficient operations through self-service, while reducing fraud and identity theft.

The European context, with its unique diversity, interdependence, heritage and values creates special requirements and opportunities for the development of such biometric technologies and services to maximise the benefit for the citizens and to protect society from any possible adverse side effects. Although the European Union has brought more uniformity in Europe, Europe is still characterized by diversity. For industry it is a specific challenge to address Europe as a market, challenge that is compounded if all European countries are to be considered.

The EAB Industry SIG believes the benefits of biometric identity management are realistic and achievable, although a number of legislative, cultural and social barriers to adoption needs to be addressed, and deserve a concerted, multidisciplinary and sustained effort.


The mission of the EAB Industry Special Interest Group is to enable broader, faster and better adoption of biometrics in Europe. The Industry SIG will act as a single platform for bringing together European and international biometrics industry and to act as single communication channel between industry and its clients.


The EAB Industry SIG will support stakeholders to tackle the key barriers to adoption by:

  • Developing an industry vision: The Future of Biometric Identity in Europe
  • Promoting the state-of-the-art of biometric deployments in Europe
  • Advocating the benefits of biometrics to the public
  • Dialoguing with legislators and regulators
  • Fostering a European biometrics industry community
  • Establishing relationships with relevant events and media

Milestones and planning for the years 2012 – 2013

July 2012
Finalizing charter and EAB board approval
October 2012
State-of-the-art of biometric deployments in Europe
February 2013
Inventory of major privacy entities' positions in Europe
November 2013
Roundtable on the state of biometrics in Europe

Membership and Governance

  • All EAB members may apply for membership
  • SIG members are expected to actively contribute to the SIG's work
  • Observers may be invited upon approval of all members of the SIG and the Management Board of the EAB
  • Observers may be excluded from the exchange of information generated by the SIG.

Chairman of the Industry SIG:

  • Michiel van der Veen, European Association for Biometrics, Netherlands

Further information

For further information you can contact:
Email: industry-sig-chair@eab.org

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